What Is Plant Spirit Medicine? 

Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM) is a form of spiritual healing that combines Ancient Chinese Five Element tradition with the indigenous practice of using plant spirits for healing. Though largely forgotten in today's society, this medicine is rooted in ancestral traditions and has been practiced by women and men all over the world throughout time.  It is a powerful medicine that brings us back to balance by gently removing barriers which prevent us from living fully within our own, true essential nature.   

As we all have experienced, there are moments when life is overwhelming.  We feel overworked, stressed or even unhappy. If unaddressed, we forget that we are meant to live joyfully and in harmony with the world around us. Plant Spirit Medicine offers a reminder of this joy and the abundance of life that is available to us through healing our hearts, re-awakening our spirits and transforming our feeling of separateness to a feeling of wholeness and the memory of who we are. 

How Does It Work?

The main difference between PSM and other healing modalities is the living relationship between the healer and the plants themselves. For this reason, no part of the physical plant is used or administered. Rather, the spirit of the plant is called upon and generously offers its help... the same way traditional healers of various cultures have used them for thousands of years. 

My training required the building of a Materia Medica of local plants by performing various plant studies which provided me with intimate knowledge of each plant's spiritual medicine. As a result, I am able to invoke the spirit of the specific plant(s) best suited to assist you on your journey toward healing.

Plant Spirit Medicine works at the level of the spirit where words and explanations are insufficient to describe what is best felt.  In our modern world, with emphasis on data, measurements and quantifiable results, this is not always an easy concept to grasp. We prefer knowing exactly what we are going to get and when we are going to get it. This medicine is different. It takes time to get to the source of the imbalance, beyond the accumulated layers of our complexity and remove what no longer serves us. It requires persistence and commitment from the practitioner, as well as from the client. 

How Can It Help Me?

While modern medicine's strength is addressing the physical aspects of our selves using physical means, traditional healing modalities such as Plant Spirit Medicine are focused on the mental and spiritual aspects.  An individual's pain is often a call to awareness and an invitation to re-establish balance within our selves and with the world around us. Continued Plant Spirit Medicine treatments can help resolve this imbalance by building a strong foundation at the deep core of who we are. Over time, our spirit is re-awakened and our connection to the world around us is strengthened so that well-being throughout our entire system can be restored.   As a result, physical symptoms are often alleviated and the capacity of the body to heal itself is elevated.

It is important to remember that true healing is not about treating symptoms, it is one in which well-being comes from addressing body, mind and spirit as a whole.  Once a person engages on such a path, she/he soon realizes that the journey is one that requires patience and digs deeply.... but one that can profoundly nurture our hearts and souls.